Looking for a Potato Peeling Machine? Here is what to Consider

A potato peeling machine is an appliance used to remove the outer cover of potatoes. It peels many kilos of potatoes within a short time. This machine makes peeling faster for businesses that sell potato products like French fries, crisps, and fried potatoes.

This article explores the factors and features that determine the price of a potato peeling machine.

Potato is a typical food in Kenya and can be prepared differently. Potato products range from French fries in hotels, fast food joints, and food kiosks to packaged products in shops and supermarkets like crisps. Peeling the potatoes to make these products is a challenge if one dares to do it manually. A potato peeling machine is a handy tool in such a situation. What will determine the device?

Manual or Automated Machine
Manual potato peeling machines are affordable compared to automated ones. They come in different designs. There is a hand-held type that operates by gently removing the peels from the potatoes one by one. They can be either straight or y-shaped.

Automated potato peelers peel up to 600kg in one hour and are ideal for large businesses. They cost more than manual machines.

Dual Purpose Machine
Another factor determining the potato peeling machine price in Kenya is whether it can carry out multiple functions. Some machines peel and wash the potatoes, and they cost more than those that carry out peeling only. There are others, in addition to washing and peeling, cut the potatoes. They are very convenient for busy kitchens where they are fully utilized.

Size of the Machine
The potato peelers come in different sizes, and the price varies according to the size. The small hand-held potatoes are ideal for home kitchens or small establishments. The ones with large capacity can peel up to 20kgs of potatoes in one loading.

Some types have different capabilities, and you can load 5kg in a 20kg peeler. Hotels are not always busy, so that potatoes will be well-spent during low business hours.

Locally assembled or imported
Potato peelers can be procured from local vendors or imported. The Kenyan-made peelers are more affordable than the imported ones, but some varieties can carry out multiple functions. There are local brands that can peel and wash and imported models that carry out the same parts. A customer’s preference will determine the machine they choose.

Size of the business
The size of the business determines https://www.gadunslot88.com/ the potato peeler a person will buy. A food kiosk can operate well with a hand-held manual potato peeler, but this can be hectic for a busy fast food joint. The business anticipated will determine the price of the machine one buys. While a large-capacity automated potato peeler will always be busy in a hotel in town, it will be idle in a small establishment.

To conclude, a potato peeler is standard in many kitchens, as peeling potatoes is a trend in Kenyan homes. Considering the requirements before buying one is essential, as the price is one of the determinants when shopping for a potato peeler. Many outlets sell this appliance.